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The Straits Ensemble is a musical collective that champions Singapore cultural music exchanges, influenced by the ever-changing global music landscape and jazz sensibilities.

With an instrumentation that embodies' Singapore's cultural sound, The Straits Ensemble navigates the rich tapestry of Singapore's heritage and taps on a global kampung spirit to celebrate diversity, doing our part to promote dialogue and understanding across cultures and communities.

Playing a repertoire of original compositions, reimagined folk tunes and more, the ensemble's range of expression runs from tender nuances to high-energy, driving rhythms.
Our Story
Singapore, often referred to as the "Lion City," is a captivating and vibrant multicultural metropolis that thrives on its remarkable diversity. With a rich tapestry of cultures interwoven within its borders, it has become a truly unique melting pot of traditions, languages, and ethnicities. The Chinese, Malay, Indian, and various other communities coexist harmoniously, celebrating their multicultural heritage in every aspect of daily life.
The formation of The Straits Ensemble serves the purpose of deepening cultural understanding and promoting intercultural music. Our repertoire showcases the diverse musical traditions of our talented musicians, allowing us to gain invaluable insights into different cultural perspectives. These interactions have fostered profound connections and enhanced our mutual appreciation for one another's music.
Our vision extends beyond our immediate community to encompass Singapore as a whole and even international audiences. We believe in the universal language of music and aim to create an inclusive space where conversations and shared experiences can bridge cultural divides. By embracing the power of music, we strive to build connections and understanding that transcend cultural barriers, uniting people from various backgrounds in a harmonious celebration of our shared humanity.

Meet The Musicians

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