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Connecting Islands (Concert)
A collaboration album of 6 original Hakka songs between Dawn Wong & The Straits Ensemble and 山狗大後生樂團 from Taiwan. The bands will perform LIVE in Singapore on Sept 2nd, at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.

Date: 2 Sep 2023, Sat, 6.30pm, 7.45pm & 9pm

Venue: DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade

Album on Spotify
New Sights Concert
Date: 25th August 2023
Time: 1900hrs - 2100hrs
Venue: Yong Siew Toh Orchestral Hall
Join us for "New Sights," an intercultural concert premiering 6 new works by exceptional composers from the New Sights Fellowship Programme.
With a focus on intercultural music, New Sights offers an opportunity to embark on a harmonious fusion and cultural voyage. Over the course of the programme, the fellows visited several cultural sites hosted by our Teaching Artists and exchanged conversations with cultural arts groups and artists.
Each composer fellow brings a unique perspective, drawing inspiration from diverse cultural backgrounds and weaving together threads of melodies, rhythms, and harmonies from our beloved Singapore.
We believe that art has the power to bridge cultural divides and foster understanding among people from different backgrounds. This concert embodies that spirit, creating a space where diverse cultures converge, intertwine, and inspire one another. You will witness the transformative power of intercultural collaboration. Musical boundaries dissolve, making room for new and exciting possibilities. The stage comes alive with The Straits Ensemble, crafting a vibrant tapestry of sound that resonates with the shared human experience.

Temasek Foundation SSO National Day Concert 2023 "The Singapore Sound"
Date: 13th August 2023
Time: 1600hrs-1800hrs
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

SSO x The Straits Ensemble will perform Felix Phang's commission piece titled "Pasat Merdu".

Official site here.

"Open Borders: Blurred Lines & Amalgamations"
The Living Composers Series 2023
Date: 17th February 2023
Time: 1930hrs-2030hrs
Venue: SIA Theatre, B1, LASALLE College of the Arts 

The Straits Ensemble will perform 3 LASALLE College of the Arts students' compositions and 4 songs from our repertoire.

The Straits Ensemble @ The Jazz Loft
The Straits Ensemble performs at The Jazz Loft, Singapore.
2nd Dec 2022
The Straits Ensemble @ The Jazz Loft
The Straits Ensemble performs at The Jazz Loft, Singapore.

8th July 2022

Crossing Borders 2022 Love. Land. Life.
Jun 2022, Sun, 7.45pm & 9pmDBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre at Esplanade 

Was there a song your mother would sing? A place etched in your memory? Or perhaps a rite of passage you are encountering or leaving behind? These are our shared experiences. Moments in time that we all encounter in some form or other. Same same, and not all that different. Love. Land. Life. is a musical performance that illuminates our shared experiences, through a musical exchange by members of the Straits Ensemble (comprising oud, pipa, violin, piano, and double bass), led by composer, bassist, and father-of-two Felix Phang.

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