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Navigating Possibilties Through Intercultural Music Exchange

18 June to 21 June 2024 (0900hrs-1900hrs, 21st June 1030hrs-2100hrs)

Venue: Singapore Poly

Cost: Free.


Registration is now closed.

We are open to walk-ins for the workshops, visit us at our registration booth at the Singapore Poly Convention Center. Please see advisory if you plan to join us for our workshops.


Our evening activities are open to public.

Please come by!

18 June - Concert 6pm-7pm

19 & 20 June - Dialogue Sessions 6:30pm-7:30pm

21 June - Finale Concert 7:30-9pm


More info below.

Roots and Routes is a four-day intercultural music exchange for youth and individuals interested in cultural music. Attendees will participate in workshops to explore various cultural music styles and their popular pieces. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to collaborate and showcase their talents in an intercultural ensemble context. The event will culminate in a concert on June 21st, marking the conclusion of this enriching music exchange experience.

1. Develop deeper understanding of the different types of cultural music found in Singapore

2. Learn to apply these ideas to your own practice

3. Connect and forge friendships with individuals who share an interest in cultural music traditions

4. Perform together with new friends and professional musicians

5. A platform for participants to exchange their musical traditions and aspirations

Roots & Routes 2024 Programme eBooklet

Roots & Routes 2024 Concert eBooklet


Walk-ins are welcomed. 

Registrations help us by providing us with an estimate of the number of attendees for the events.

Meet the Workshop Presenters

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What to expect at Roots & Routes Intercultural Music Exchange


Performance Workshops

Dialogue Sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should take part in Roots and Routes: Navigating Possibilities through Intercultural Music Exchange?

MEP, Students from Music CCAs (e.g. Band, Chinese Orchestra, Indian Orchestra), Music Students, Music Graduates, Cultural Practitioners, Professionals


 Anyone who is interested about music and practices from different cultures in Singapore. Recommended age: 15 years and above

Is this really free?

Yes!! Registrants will be screened and priority will be given to those who can attend all four days of the programme.

What can I expect from this programme?

You will be attending workshops of your choice, as well as participating in ensemble workshops where you will learn improvisational skills and play simple popular folk melodies, guided by folk music practitioners over the course of four days. 


To mark the end of the training, some of you will be able to perform in a finale concert with your peers!

The Straits Ensemble, a professional multicultural ensemble during the symposium, will also perform a concert.


A certificate of participation will be given to participants who go through at least 75% of the symposium activities

When will I know that I am shortlisted for the programme?

When is the deadline for registration?

31 May 2024, 2359hrs (GMT +8)

Shortlisted participants will be notified by end- May.

Can I use my attendance hours from this programme to fulfill my CCA requirements from school?

Can I join all the workshops that are available in the programme?

The four-day music exchange has two workshops running concurrently in the morning and afternoon each day. You can only attend one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon. You may indicate your preferred workshops after you have been shortlisted at a closer date.

Attendance hours can be provided upon request for conversion into cca points/enrichment hours (for schools)

Are there other activities in this programme besides workshops?

Yes! There will be social networking, reflection sessions, open mics, and more. The event will conclude with a finale concert whereby the cohort will perform with their newfound knowledge of intercultural music.

I still have questions! Who can I ask?

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