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Help us create transformative experiences where cultures converge, celebrating the beauty of music from Singapore and around the world.
With your support, we can organize inclusive workshops, concerts, and collaborations that bring together musicians from different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, we aim to introduce intercultural music composition devices to schools, providing students with the tools to explore and create their own unique musical expressions.

By contributing to intercultural music initiatives, you play a vital role in cultivating an appreciation for diverse traditions, languages, and rhythms, not only among musicians but also among the next generation of music enthusiasts. Your donation will directly impact the lives of talented musicians and students alike, empowering them to share their unique perspectives and create harmonious compositions that transcend cultural boundaries.

Together, let's embrace the universal language of music, empower students, and make a meaningful difference in promoting intercultural understanding through the power of music.
Donations are done through
the Foundation of Arts and Social Enterprise.

Donations above $100 is eligible for a 2.5x tax deduction. 
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