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/ˌpɑ ˈsɑt/ - A colloquial hokkien (Chinese dialect) word that means marketplace, specifically the wet market in Singapore
context. Borrowed from the Singapore Mandarin equivalent "ba sha 巴刹", which in turn borrowed from the Malay term

/ˈmər du/ - Bahasa Melayu (Malay) for melodious. Derived from Sanskrit.

The wet market was where people of all ethnicities would congregate for daily necessities. Amidst a cacophony of languages and the bustle of life, the interaction of cultures allowed Singapore to develop our unique identity, one that is still evolving with the times.
We love how the various languages spoken in Singapore have borrowed words from each other. It shows how we have adapted to get along. In this same spirit, we explore musically the richness of our cultures.

At Pasat Merdu, we gather to understand each other, and ultimately ourselves. Who are we? What is our sound?
All are welcome at Pasat Merdu - a melodious marketplace.
Pasat Merdu aims to deepen intercultural understanding and navigate the Singaporean Sound through education as well as the commission, presentation and the promotion of new works
A Distinctive Singaporean Sound Presented On The World Stage
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